Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tattered Angel...SOLD

So I've been doing alot of research on Religious and Renaissance paintings. I've always had a deep love for frescoe paintings depicting religious symbols,and also life during the Renaissance. I love how they look today, with the peeling paint and chips falling. This love has inspired my "Tattered Angels",with a primitive twist. I will be offering these paintings for sale on Ebay,and will be varying the paintings in size, color, media, etc. The one pictured above ends tonight!You can see my current paintings for sale by clicking**HERE**.

Till next time,


Micki Wilde said...

I love the 'old' feeling to this painting, great work!!

Micki x

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Lovely work LoriAnn... I remember teaching an art class of fifth graders a few years and i had read that you could do fresco painting into wet plaster in pie plates... it was a disaster! I like your technique a lot better!