Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Masquerade", my first Halloween painting this season! (Sold)

Well, here she is...I finally finished a "Halloween" painting ,my first of the season! This is a larger piece, 16 x 20 on canvas. (My husband asked me why she had trees on her head! lol! "Those aren't trees, that's her hair!!!" but either way, I kind of like it,and that gives me an idea for a future painting....I will try to get her listed on Ebay tonight....(and, just a heads up, I am working on some Art Dolls that will be little versions of the girls in my paintings. I am naming the series "The Posh Parade"....stay tuned.....)


Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

So cute! I love Halloween and everything about it.

Regina Moore said...

Love the new painting!

me said...

You are just TOO clever. Seriously! Your work rocks! :)

Happy Saturday.

Renee said...

I cannot wait to see your dolls.

Love Renee xoxo