Friday, June 5, 2009

The Steampunk Girls....( SOLD )

I posted a few days ago about going back to the art I love creating....I've always had a passion for the unique, eerie, and unusual....dark even, keeping with my true love of creating,here are my two newest creations! I know the pic might not be the best quality, but you can get the general idea. These were so much fun to create, the dresses are actually ink blots! (Well, paint blots), they are holding vintage styled keys,surrounded by various gears and whatnot. I am loving going back to my passion of "The Quirky"....I will be listing both of these on Ebay tonight!


Anonymous said...

they're lovely!

Michelle Eaton said...

They look great!

Unknown said...

Great job!! If you ever want to trade, let me know!